Eddie Neam, aka DJ Flip, to Break New Single and EP on SoundCloud and Other Music Industry Platforms

Fans of Eddie Neam, otherwise known as DJ Flip, will be excited to hear that the DJ, musical artist, and producer is getting ready to release a new single and an EP, both in EDM. The project represents a lane change for Eddie, whose expertise for the last ten years has been in hip hop. “After listening to EDM DJs perform on stage, I was just intrigued,” Eddie says. “Those guys know how to work with the music and the crowd, and I had a blast. That’s why I reached out to a few EDM producers: I wanted to try out this lifestyle and experience that same rush. After doing hip hop for so long, I’m ready to branch out and do some trap and dubstep remixes and singles.”

Switching over to EDM has felt natural to Eddie. “The music really resonates with me, and I think that my DJ Flip fans will agree even though it will be different from hip hop and West Coast sounds. It’s taken some work, of course, because my brand was built around hip hop, so I have had to rebuild that. However, the results make all of that more than worth it. I am now part of EDM’s incredible energy, so I can’t complain.”

Eddie is already discovering the power of creating EDM music. “I have found that one of the benefits is that my artists are not limited in what they can create, and I can merge my hip hop music with EDM remixes of current songs.” Doing so, he says, means that the song is brushed off and refreshed. The next generation will really reap the benefits because they’ll have a timeless sound to enjoy.”

Eddie has hit his stride as a musician and producer, but many people don’t know how compelling his story in the industry really is. “I’m doing well now, but seven years ago, that wasn’t the case,” Eddie says, looking back. “My dad had just died, which was extremely painful, and I had no money at all. All I really had was a conviction that music should be my life, so I decided to do everything I could to make it happen. I started by becoming a DJ.”

Eddie’s DJ career began at house parties, which led to the club scene. “That was great for me because that’s how I was discovered by local radio stations,” he relates. “I was only 21 when I started as a professional on-air DJ.”

It was an exciting time in Eddie’s life because on the radio, he started breaking records. “When I broke PARTY NEXT DOOR’s ‘Come and See Me,’ I started getting recognition from music record promoters. That was the start of a new lane for me.”

Eddie began building relationships with the promoters and impressed them with his genuine desire to learn how to get into the industry and work with major artists. He wanted to know everything about the business, including how all of it pulled together for the artist to get the deal. 

“Those were some awesome days,” Eddie says, enthusiastic. “I was learning how to be a producer, and I met some important LA connections. I really got into it all on a deeper level and started producing and making radio edits, including for record labels like Death Jam Recordings and Interscope Records.”

That experience would be crucial when Eddie helped Kanye West clean a whole album in only 2 hours. “Death Jam asked me if I could do it that fast so it could be played in New York. It would take most people a day or even a week, but I got it done!”

Death Jam Recordings was impressed, and Eddie received an invitation to visit LA anytime he wanted. “I couldn’t turn that down, of course!” Eddie states. “I ended up leaving my mom, my girlfriend, and my radio station to travel all the way by train from Cape Coral to LA.”

His time in LA was fantastic. “I didn’t get a job with Death Jam, but I got something even better – the chance to come inside a major record label and see how things are really done. That helped me build a network, and eventually, I helped major artists, including Tyga, whose record Taste I broke. I also helped Empire, a record label, promote that record. I received a plaque for that, and that opened major doors for me. That’s why I am where I am in this industry.”

Today, all that experience has given Eddie the confidence to try EDM. “I will never stop loving hip hop,” he believes, “but it’s time to move into a new genre. For me, that’s EDM, and I think that the music that comes out of me is going to contribute to the genre. Keep an eye out for my new single, especially if you haven’t listened to EDM before. I think you’re really going to enjoy what you hear. And, of course, keep listening to DJ Flip. That guy’s a lot of fun!”

You can follow DJ Flip on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/EhyVvz2HGrpthE1s5

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