Eric Walsh: Paying Off College with Passive Income

The average cost of a college education has risen over 25% in the past decade. This is a frightening fact for many young Americans facing an uncertain future saddled with debt. In our fast-paced, oversaturated culture, it can be easy for young Americans to lose their way on the path to financial freedom. 

Eric Walsh, the owner of Genius Academy Automation, which generates passive income for its clients, remembers one of his first clients, a college graduate who was struggling to pay off his school loans. “He was $70,000 in debt,” Eric says, shaking his head. “He came to me for advice on how to pay it off faster. He was already working fifty hours a week and had a young family, so he really couldn’t take on yet another job. I told him about passive income, and we discussed different options. He didn’t want to do real estate because he didn’t have time to maintain any properties. He wanted something very simple that could consistently generate profits, so I asked him to consider letting me start an ecommerce company for him. That made sense to him, and we got started. Within a few months, he was earning passive income that he used to pay off his school loans faster.”

Eric has helped many clients strengthen their savings for college. “My team and I start by assisting you with creating a legitimate LLC for our clients. Once the paperwork is in order, we go online to Amazon Seller Central and Walmart, and we set up your seller accounts. The fun part, of course, is deciding what you will sell. We’re very careful about this since what we choose for you can make or break your company. We look for those products that consistently sell well.”

Once the client’s listings are created and optimized, Eric’s team handles order fulfillment. “Amazon collects the payments into your Seller account. Disbursements are then deposited to an account of your choice. We ship the orders and handle all the customer service and every single aspect of the business from A-Z. The client provides the capital to fund the business, and we will turn that capital into profits.”

For those who want to do things themselves and be more hands on, Eric has a digital masterclass called the Genius Academy, which shows clients exactly how he built a seven-figure ecommerce business. “It will fasttrack you with all the tips, tricks, and do’s and don’ts that I spent eight years learning and literally tens of thousands of dollars perfecting. When you partner with a proven expert like me, you can feel confident that I am putting your hard-earned money to work for you.” 

Eric’s ecommerce journey began when he left college at age 21 to start his first business: a simple cell phone case kiosk at the mall. Within a few years, Eric’s company had grown to fifteen storefronts across Northeastern America. Even after becoming a Papa John’s franchisee (and managing several other fruitful investments), Eric’s biggest breakthrough came after he began selling products on Amazon in 2013. In just a few years, he was able to turn $1,000 worth of products into a thriving seven-figure business.

Having achieved financial independence, Eric wants to share his life-changing path to success with as many others as he can. Through his Genius Academy companies, he shares everything he’s learned about ecommerce and entrepreneurship with his clients so that they may meet (and exceed) their own financial goals. Eric wants to inspire and guide his clients to explore the enormous possibilities of the blooming ecommerce space.

“Ecommerce has the opportunity to create generational wealth,” Eric explains. “This is especially true now because of COVID-19, which put Amazon’s sales growth probably 3-5 years ahead of what they were projected to do years from now. The pandemic forced even more people to get comfortable shopping online. Many people think the market is too saturated, especially when it comes to selling on Amazon, and that is just the furthest thing from the truth. Too many people doubt themselves and even underestimate just how big the population actually is and how much people spend money on things they absolutely do not need. If you are going to sell online, why wouldn’t you sell on a marketplace like Amazon, where literally millions and millions of people whip out their credit card to shop everyday?”

Eric says that entrepreneurship requires a lot of sacrifice and time, two things that many working people don’t have. “That’s why earning passive income by allowing us to sell for you on Amazon Central Seller or Walmart is so effective. We sacrifice our time so that you can earn money. We are obsessed about the little details that will grow your business.”

Eric knows that entrepreneurship is not an easy path, and those who choose to follow it should expect to sacrifice quite a bit of time and energy. This is what makes his passive income model so effective; his company sells products on Amazon and Walmart for those who don’t have the time to run and maintain a successful ecommerce business.

Eric stresses that achieving financial independence is a gradual process, but the consistency of his passive income model will drive steady results, and over time, the client’s wealth (and their ability to support themselves) will grow.

With an average college debt load of around $32,000, it seems that now more than ever young Americans are in need of a consistent, productive means to generate passive income that will reduce their financial strain and allow them to live a fuller life. Eric’s proven ecommerce model is particularly appealing to those looking to release themselves from debt, but lacking the time or industry knowledge to do so themselves. In time, those that follow Eric’s guidance towards their own ecommerce success will find themselves rewarded with the comfort and security they seek.

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