How InTheWave Brand Incorporates Philanthropy Into Their Success

InTheWave is an online store that sells clothing and accessories in addition to photography and videography opportunities. The company is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and founded by rapper and internet influencer Sircaliburx. While apparel is at the core of the company’s business model, philanthropy is also a major part of their brand. With significant effort to give back in Philadelphia, they hope to inspire other brands and businesses to give back to their local communities as well. 

InTheWave started their push to give back last year when they realized that many of the homeless and needy in Philadelphia did not have enough close to get by. Using social media for help, they were able to build up a stock of 1,000 articles of clothing to give out. That stock was built up over the course of just one week and it was given away to the needy just as quickly. From there, the brand knew they could make an impact on the city and looked for the next best opportunity to fill in a gap.

That opportunity came as families gathered around the dinner table for Thanksgiving. Some families in Philadelphia didn’t have the money to put turkeys on their table, so Sircaliburx and InTheWave started buying the birds to give away. By the time the day actually arrived, the brand had given away 100 turkeys, making sure families in need had the signature dish at their dinner tables for the holiday.

In 2019, the City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services reported that the city has the lowest number of street homeless people per capita of any of the largest cities in the US. In total, about 5,700 Philadelphians are considered to be homeless across the city, which includes about 950 who are unsheltered. The city does a lot of things to try and combat the issue of homelessness, but InTheWave is aware that people still need help even if the situation is a bit better than it is in other big cities. 

One big city that is struggling a lot more is Los Angeles. There, the company made an additional effort to get the homeless population some food to eat. They bought 100 Little Caesars pizzas from a local store and took them straight to the people that could use them. Those pizzas were given out quickly as word of mouth spread about what was being given away.

Philanthropy is a key part of brand buildup and brand loyalty, especially in a day and age where so many companies are targeting younger consumers. Appealing to those customers with your charitability is key to good word of mouth and InTheWave is certainly building that up with their efforts over the past year. Sircaliburx has a following of over 27,000 people on the Instagram page that promotes the brand and posts on giving back are among the most popular on the page.

The plan is for InTheWave to bring back the previously mentioned donations in the near future, while also adding on to that work with additional philanthropy. The brand sees itself always giving back to the people of Philadelphia and hopefully expanding to other areas to help out. They also want other brands to be able to see how beneficial giving back can be, not even to a company’s well-being, but to the well-being of the people getting the assistance. Showing off your philanthropic efforts might be the wave every company is riding now, but for the InTheWave brand, giving back to those in need is set up to always be apart of what makes the business what it is. 

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