Modern Brokers of America and Solar Energy Companies Are Joining Forces… For You

Sometimes we need people to help bridge the gap between what we know and what we don’t know.

In our Internet age, there is a lot we can figure out on our own. But sometimes, it’s easier and more effective to work with someone who understands what we don’t and understands what we need in order to help make the right connection.

In the world of solar energy, it can feel overwhelming to know who to talk to and what steps to take in order to become solar equipped, and someone’s enthusiasm for becoming a solar friendly household can quickly evaporate under the pressure of too many options, too much information, and not enough guidance.

That’s why one man and his incredible company are standing in the gap.

Founder of  Modern Brokers of America and CEO Nefi Shanon has partnered with Titan Solar and Palmetto, two of the three largest solar installers in the country, to help homeowners save time and money in their search for solar. “We are solar brokers,” Nefi states. “We shop around all the main solar installers nationwide and locally to give homeowners the best bang for their buck in their area.”

Converting sunlight into solar power lowers emissions caused by electricity and decreases the cost of energy. Because solar power is more economical, it can make up a significant share of expanding U.S. energy demands. “This industry is only expected to grow because of the many environmental advantages and the decrease in installation prices,” Nefi explains. “This has already made solar power a more competitive option as opposed to traditional fossil fuels.” 

The team at Modern Brokers is up to date on the latest technical information about solar power and services concerning climate, shading, and roof positioning. “We make the process easy for our customers,” the company states. “We work with the top installers, who source the highest quality equipment and guarantee the best prices.” Modern Brokers of America oversees every project in its entirety. 

The cost of electricity is often a significant part of a homeowner’s monthly expenses. Investing in a solar panel system can provide lower utility bills and possibly lead to free power. Solar energy is a smart way for homeowners to invest their money with substantial returns that compete with more common investments such as stocks and bonds. Because investors of solar save on their electric bill, they are not only able to pay for the investment, they can in fact see a return on their investment. 

The cost of installation required for solar power has posed the biggest concern for most consumers interested in making the switch. However, the price of solar energy is decreasing due to advances in technology and improvement in production. The cost of installation and equipment is also expected to decline as it becomes more universal. And, because the price of fossil fuels is only expected to increase, solar power will become an even more cost-effective solution. 

Modern Brokers works to assist clients every step of the way. “We will determine your solar equipment needs, provide information about the various solar power systems, and find the best prices,” Nefi states. “We have simplified this process by preparing proposals that are straightforward, along with quotes that don’t include any hidden costs.” 

Homeowners are now able to protect themselves from unpredictable utility prices. Especially as those prices continue to increase, solar energy can help homeowners predict the cost of utilities to manage their finances better. This kind of investment will also increase the value of a property. The demand for solar energy is only expected to grow. Not to mention the positive effects this will have on the environment by reducing the home’s carbon footprint.

The solar movement has already begun, and the world is heading in the direction of renewable energy. “There are too many benefits of renewable energy and too much money to be saved, regardless of where you stand politically,” the company states. “And with our “GO SOLAR SAVE NOW” program you can save immediately with no money down and no upfront installation costs whatsoever.” the company states, “So, it doesn’t matter what the homeowner’s financial situation is, we can help them save right away.”

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