Friendly Diamonds Capitalizes on Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab diamonds are an alternative to mined diamonds, taking away some of the ethical concerns with the production of the popular piece of jewelry while keeping its beauty. The increasing awareness around diamond mining has grown demand for lab diamonds multi-fold and Friendly Diamonds is capitalizing on this by popularizing lab-created diamonds for use in engagement rings.

Friendly Diamonds only sells lab-grown diamonds. Currently, lab-grown diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative to natural diamonds. They are 50-75% cheaper than natural diamonds and have the exact same chemical and physical compositions as natural diamonds. They look the exact same to the eye and the only way to identify the difference is through diamond testing machines. Even some of the biggest diamond experts in the world struggle to tell the difference between a lab-created diamond and its mined counterpart, making them a very sensible alternative that’s becoming more and more available on the market. 

The company focuses mainly on engagement rings, giving customers the option to customize their rings through a create your own ring feature. The customer has to first select the type of design, diamond, and then complete the ring. Apart from this, they also give customers an option to create their own pendants and earrings. They even sell off-the-rack jewelry to customers, but Friendly Diamonds’ main focus is more on customized rings. 

The build your own ring feature has been a game-changer for the company and the industry as a whole and Friendly Diamonds wants to continue to grow with the feature at the company’s forefront. With this in mind, they are adding new ring designs almost every week to keep customers satisfied with more and more options. On top of that, the company offers 1 month of free returns, lifetime warranties, free resizing, and many other customer satisfaction features. They pride themselves on always being reliable and they’re focusing on always providing top-notch customer service to buyers.

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Friendly Diamonds wasn’t always a company that used lab-created diamonds, but throughout their time in the industry they did seek out ways to be more ethically responsible. When lab-created diamonds started to grow in popularity, they knew they had to make a complete shift to the new option. Their new mission was to create a more transparent, ethical, and sustainable industry where everyone, especially the consumer, would benefit.

The company, the customer, and the environment will all benefit from the investment in lab-grown diamonds over time. While it takes time to get the word out about why ethical jewelry manufacturing is the best choice, Friendly Diamonds has the power to alter diamond culture and build a brighter future for themselves, while at the same time making ethical jewelry, building a brighter future for the world as well.

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Friendly Diamonds is making big changes to the world of engagement rings. They’ve evolved along with society and that evolution is setting the company up for a bright future. As they continue to strive for ethical and safe business practices, their modern offering allows customers to still get the engagement ring, wedding band, or wedding ring of their dreams while helping to promote an ethical edge to diamond production.

The company wants to be as transparent as it can possibly be with its customers. They get their greatest satisfaction from hearing that they were able to make customers’ proposals memorable with their jewelry. They hope to create more memories for customers and themselves moving forward as Friendly Diamonds continues to evolve, just getting started with making an impact.

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